Installation instructions for Banner 7

You must install some software, called Java, before you can use Banner 7. Please review the steps on this page and shut down all other programs before you begin.

Step 1 - Click here to install the required Banner software - JAVA.  Remember, review the steps below before you start.

Note: Some will receive a security alert screen like the one below. If you do, click the OK button.

Step 2 - The first box you will see is a Security Warning. You will need to click on the Run button.

Step 3 - Another Security Warning box will appear. You will need to click on the Run button

Step 4 - The installation will begin. 


Step 5a - If Java is already installed, you will see the following screen. Click OK and go to step 7.

Step 5b - A license agreement window will appear. Select Typical setup and click Accept.

Step 6 - The Installing progress window will appear.   


Step 7 - When the installation completes, click the Finish button.


You may receive a message saying your computer must be re-booted in order for the Java installation to complete. If so, make sure all other programs are closed and click on the button to restart your computer immediately.  Return to this page and continue with the next section.


Using Banner after installation

Step 1 - Select the appropriate database from

Step 2 - Two Warning boxes may appear the first time you run Banner. If you receive them, leave the "Always trust content from this publisher" box checked and click the Run button.

Step 3 - You should now see the Banner Login screen.

If you have any questions or issues, please contact the User Support Desk at 304-876-5457 or e-mail us at